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Current Research: Performing Religion Completed book manuscript examining theater, dance, and performance as a necessity for developing ethical life practice.

“Performing Religion” -  Examining performance history as moral development.
Faustus and Being Good: Ethical Choices” – myth, symbol, and ethics.
“All’s Well That Ends Well: Choice and Responsibility” – gendered performance and relationship.
“Always End with Dance” – Religion, Ethics, and non-verbal communication.

Upcoming Publication
2015  Women, Dance, Death, and Lament in Medieval Spain and the Mediterranean: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Examples” The Routledge History of Death in Medieval Europe: Death Scripted and Death Choreographed, 500-1500. (Article completed, book forthcoming).


The Miriam Tradition: Teaching Embodied Torah

 Reviews of The Miriam Tradition:

--> “Kabbalah and Social Justice”; “Yoga and Social Justice” for Encyclopedia of Religion and Social Justice. 

 Berkshire Encyclopedia of Religion and Social Justice (Book ...

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Berkshire Encyclopedia of Religion and Social Justice -

  --> "Dance” for Encyclopedia of Religion, Communication, and Media. Routledge.

Encyclopedia Of Religion, Communication, And Media - Page 106 - Google Books Result

"Miriam's Dance" in All the Women Followed Her: A Collection of Writings on Miriam the Prophet and the Women of Exodus 

Articles Available online

Inter-Religious Dialogue - “Kabbalah/Yoga,” By Cia Sautter

Bending the Jewish Yoga spine … in Minneapolis | MinnPost…-minnea...

harrypotterforseekers : Message: Cia Sautter's Accio Paper ...

A Nice Jewish Boy? - Jerusalem Post - August 09, 2005 - Id - vLex - Israel  [review of article and presentation]

BBC - Radio 4 - Today Programme Listen Again [interview on Harry Potter paper]

Note: The Harry Potter article related how kabbalistic references and ideas were present in the popular series consistent with the alchemical imagery employed in these books. The attention paid to the article also reflects popular understandings of what it means to be Jewish, along with the supposed controversy regarding religion and witchcraft in Harry Potter. 


Teaching the Dance of World Religions - Sautter - Wiley Online Library › ... › Vol 8 Issue 3

Chochmat: Rhymes with Spirit Rock

The Biblical Roots of Belly Dance

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